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Interlocking Cultures

Interlocking Cultures
Photo Description:
My symbol consists of five different flags, all representing one of the places that I am from. England, Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland, Zambia. I set it up this way because Zambia is where I am currently living, and connects to the horse shoe right across from it. Here is where I started riding, and where my horse lives too. Horse riding means a lot to me and the whole piece is made of horseshoes welded together in an interlocking flower pattern The Scottish and Swedish flags are across from each other because they both contain blue in their flag, and are the main countries that I’m from. The English and Swiss flags are across from each other because they both have blue in them. I did the flags slightly differently, and just did the most important part of the flag, that would easily show what country the flag is representing.
Elsa , 14 yrs
American International School Lusaka