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CCTV Camera Tree

CCTV Camera Tree
Photo Description: 6.5 metres tall 2 metres wide at the top. The UK is thought to be home to 20 percent of the world’s CCTV cameras. As a nation we are amongst the most watched people in the world. The CCTV Tree was created in response to the vast scale of surveillance which has now become an everyday part of our life. It has many benefits - in London it helped to identify those who took part in looting in the riots of 2011. Yet for many the feeling of being constantly watched is seen as an infringement on our privacy and freedom. In creating the CCTV Tree I have taken a natural part of our landscape, a tree, and combined it with the more sinister aspect of surveillance, creating a distortion of the more innocent image of nature. This has trivialised the cameras and made them less oppressive as there has been a role reversal, as we are watching the cameras and they are not watching us.

Otto de Bellaigue , 17 yrs

St Edward's School