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We lose one another

We lose one another
Photo Description:
This piece explores the dynamic of a relationship in which the woman has dementia. Dementia is an immensely complicated disorder that has affected my grandmother in a number of ways that I cannot fully understand. However, this piece explores the effect that the disorder has on her as well as loved ones. The wash-like texture of the woman’s face compared with the bold, honest tone of the male’s, discusses the way in which we as humans experience the world around us and how we let those experiences effect our personal ‘world-view’. In such a vast and complex society, our sympathies are so often misdirected and individuals are disregarded. Incidentally, only a few months after this piece was complete, my grandmother’s disorder worsened to the point at which there is very little personality to communicate with. The importance of this piece for me was that it captures a human being on the verge of being lost and was also able to explore even to a small extent, the ways in which she has and will affect the people that she will leaves behind.
Jonathan Coekin , 17 yrs
St John's School