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Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday
Photo Description: Materials: Acrylic on canvas. When studying movement within water, I was instantly drawn to the work of masters such as Joaquín Soroll a, whose works in oil, such as ‘Niños a la orilla del mar’, translated as ‘Children on the Sea-Shore’, I found to be especially inspirational, due to the way in which Sorolla heightens the sense of movement by capturing rolling waves in the background. My summer holiday in France gave me the wonderful opportunity to photograph my siblings in the water, providing me with an abundance of photographic material from which I was able to create studies and paintings. This eventually gave me an idea for my GCSE two-dimensional final piece which depicts me and my sister running through the water of a French lake, an image which I believe captured the most movement through the splash and spray of water in the foreground, a texture which I highlighted using thickly applied paint.

Charlotte , 16 yrs

Queen Anee's School