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Photo Description:
I interpreted the given theme of ‘Relationships’ as the relationship between the real and the unreal. I then went on to try to think of what defines one person’s reality and came up with the idea that the people around them are what make one person’s reality different from another’s. I also had the idea to superimpose something of a high importance to someone (what defines our reality – the people around us) on to something of a relatively low importance (material goods), and therefore came up with the idea of painting my family member’s faces on to a door that I found in our garden shed (an unwanted material). I looked at a variety of different artists both for inspiration for the style and representation of my family’s faces as well as for their practical use of material and use of composition, such as Michael Shapcott and Ernest Zacharevic, to name a few. I deliberately left sections of my piece unfinished or painted vaguely in order to emphasise the differences between the unwanted surface of the door and the personal importance of my family’s faces. In choosing to represent my family’s faces on the door, I am also exploring family relationships as well as the relationship between the piece and the viewer. (200cm X 80cm)
Imogen , 17 yrs
St Catherine's Bramley