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Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius
Photo Description:
Two years ago my family and I visited Pompeii and we climbed Mount Vesuvius. At the top of the colossal volcano there was a gift shop. At the shop I brought a volcanic rock. Ever since that amazing visit to Italy I have been obsessed with the history of the volcano and pictures of the eruption. Also I found it interesting how the whole city was covered in ash. One visit inspired my piece of art. Also John Martin inspired me with his painting The Great Day of His Wrath from the Bible. Moreover Hokusai painted Volcanos and also he outlined his pictures in black paint or pen. I think that chalk pastels helped my painting stand out as I could blend the colours. As well as that I learned that at the foreground of the picture it has to be more detailed, this is called perspective. Cian Coughlan, Age 11
Cian Coughlan , 11 yrs
St.Anthony's School