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Photo Description:
I produced this linoleum relief print in order to illustrates humanity's fascination with various natural phenomena that occur in the animal kingdom. The inclusion of the jar in this print illustrates the strange paradox of how humanity has a vestigial craving to be connected to the natural world, yet still erects barriers between itself and the animal kingdom to keep these two spheres comfortably distant. Additionally, this print is an exploration of the compartmentalization of the natural world. Upon closer inspection, these two conjoined fetal pigs could be perceived as embracing. Through this clear show of affection, I am attempting to suggest to my audience that animals are intelligent creatures capable of emotions like pain, fear and sadness which resonate with the human struggle. Additionally, this print points out the irony that oftentimes organisms have little to no worth alive, but are perceived differently after death.
Abraham  , 17 yrs
Chelsea High School