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Photo Description:
The picture is of a sunset with a dragon flying in the sky. I used water colours and paint to create the artwork and focused mainly on using red and orange. On the ground there is tall grass which I made with a dark green paint. The dragon was intended to be in the distance but can be interpreted in different ways. I did drafts of the objects and the colours I would use before painting the final piece. I also used a technique which would help show perspective to make the picture look more realistic (not that it is supposed to be realistic). The outline of the dragon was originally a mistake so I corrected it by making it an actual part of the picture. I was inspired by Banksy because my other idea was of dragon breathing water and a fireman spraying out fire and this was because Banksy uses Irony however my picture was mostly inspired by an image I found online. By Edmund Davies Age 10.
Edmund Davies , 10 yrs
St.Anthony's School