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The Future Lies in your Hands - Gun Control

The Future Lies in your Hands - Gun Control
Photo Description:
With this project I aim to address the issue of gun control and usage in the U.S.A. This year alone, 12,589 death were due to guns. The issue is deeply rooted in our mentality around guns. The only solution to this extensive problem is to change the way we see these weapons, and to educate not only about the use of firearms, but about the world, leading future generations out of this epidemic. We must empower all generations with an education, so that they do not feel the need to shoot their way out of their problems, but instead to think their way out. To express this in my sculpture, I created a hand cast to represent us as Americans- or really as humans. The next step I took was to embody this crisis and how relevant it really is. To do this lined the base of the arm with real headlines of shootings that have happened this year. Next to show the hope we should have I created a gun loaded with a pencil, representing the impact an education can have on weapon use.
Maria Camila , 16 yrs
French American International School