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Messed Up Buildings

Messed Up Buildings
Photo Description:
As part of our Art Week at Soho Parish we responded in a variety of ways to the painting ‘A Roman Triumph’ by Peter Paul Rubens in the National Gallery. In this project during art week the children looked at the buildings in ‘A Roman Triumph’ and discussed the shapes that were present, they discussed where they had seen similar shapes around the local area. They visited Trafalgar Square and sketched the Romanesque buildings including The National Gallery. Back at school they practised drawing some of the 3D shapes they hand seen in the buildings and developed their charcoal techniques- using shading to create a 3D effect. The children experimented with different charcoals (natural and compressed) to see the different effects they could create. Finally they were introduced to an Escher picture and they discussed how he distorted the rules of 3D drawing to change the way you look at buildings and the world around you. Inspired by this, the children then planned their own ‘messed up buildings’ applying all the skills they had learnt, to create large charcoal drawings inspired by both Roman architecture in the painting by Rubens, their observational drawings and Escher.
Louis Stockwell , Aged 8 yrs
Soho Parish Primary School