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Five Steps in My Life

Five Steps in My Life
Photo Description:
This sculpture is 6 feet wide and just over 6 feet tall. This sculpture represents five main life changing moments all about my life and my issues with my leg ligaments and bones, and how certain experiences have changed me as a person to be who I am today. Every part of the body is connected to a point on your foot, like how most of my life and life decisions have been effected by my leg issues. The feet in the sculpture increase in size as I have grown physically and mental from each experience. Each foot represents a specific time in my life and how I moved on from that. When this sculpture is displayed, there are seats and stools around the sculpture for viewers to sit and stand on, to show how there are different ways to look at what has happened in the past, and even though each experience may not have been entirely positive, there is a way to look at it so it is.
Kailey Moulson , 15 yrs
Etobicoke School of the Arts