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Granny's House

Photo Description:
The children responded to the art of Richard Diebenkorn at the Royal Academy over the course of a 3 week art project. The children experimented with different media, learnt new techniques and expressed how art and colour can affect mood and feelings. They read books like Dr Seuss 'My many coloured days' to get them familiar with associating colour with their moods. At the gallery children then responded to Diebenkorn’s paintings thinking about feelings and mood. Back at school they created their own paintings taking inspiration from Diebenkorn, mapping at important place in their lives using colour, shape, size and feeling words to represent what was important to them! The Artist: ‘It’s Granny’s house in Birmingham. This is the bedroom. I almost made a triangle. This part is the sun. The green is her garden. We need red for the shed. The basement will be black because it’s dark.’
Tyler Dinh , Aged 5 yrs
Soho Parish Primary School