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Torso: Unfurling

Torso: Unfurling
Photo Description: I once heard a story about a few friends who were discussing what happiness would look like if it had a form. One of them suggested that the shape of happiness would most resemble glass. You don't always see it, he said, but it's most definitely there. You just merely have to change your perspective a little, and that glass will sparkle, catching the light. I do believe it's all about perspective, concerning just about everything in the universe. Sometimes it just takes a little spark, a shifted viewpoint or some added distance to bring what would normally be unnoticed to vibrant life. I wanted to explore the truth of these statements by literally holding an insignificant object to the light and letting its stunning qualities shine through for all to see. This experimental series was created by inverting and digitally manipulating back-lit photos of feathers.

Elise Wang , 18 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts