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White Painting

White Painting
Photo Description: ‘White Painting’ is about the colour white. It is an examination of the many layers and meanings the colour white holds. Traditionally, the colour white has stood for purity, cleanness, and silence, which are conditions I rarely explore in my other work. The size is meant to give it impact on the wall. When it is put up, it creates a quietness and calm in the space, which forces one to admire or study the details of the texture. I wanted to create a piece that was quiet, without being doll. I very much focused on different textures, using a vast variety of materials; everything from fabrics to plastic carpets. The piece can be viewed both from distance as a whole, and close up, where specific elements are explored in great detail. The final signature was done by placing a piece of my chewed gum underneath a fold, as to not disrupt the silence with my signature. I wanted to get as close into the picture as possible, and this is partly done by sharing my DNA onto it. in some ways, this chewed gum made the painting sinful again.

Gustav Hagild Stefansen , 18 yrs

Dwight School London