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Wendigo 4

Wendigo 4
Photo Description:
Charlie started with the theme of the five senses. He built a 6x4ft MDF box and all the objects inside to limit your sense of sight and to heighten your sense of touch. It also includes a video with sounds and footage. He has been inspired by artists christie Bastet and David Mach's violent teddy bears. "The idea for my project is based around a child being chased by a Wendigo (a mythological creature) and turned into one. The box is the child's bedroom after she has become a Wendigo and torn her dolls apart and hung them up, naming them as enemies. The room is black to add drama, horror and mystery. The torn and reassembled teddies in the room with blood and scratch marks showing the child tried to escape. I am using subtle red lighting otherwise nothing will be visible and it'll only be about touch. I am using sound to make it a creepy experience".
Charlie Connors , 13 yrs
The Reach Free School