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White Horizon I

White Horizon I
Photo Description: Oil on canvas 5 ft x 4 ft My work investigates the way location and other details influence memories and the consequences when these anchors are removed. When I travel, I often do not know where I am. There are long stretches of road that look essentially the same. The conversations and thoughts that take place during that time blend together without a sensory background to differentiate them. Looking back, it’s almost impossible to distinguish between moments even if they were in reality months apart. My paintings are substitutes for locations I cannot find again. They are records of the fleeting impression I had of the space as I passed by it, distorted by memory and mixed with my impressions of more recent events. They help me differentiate between memories. In the process of painting each piece, I cement each moment more firmly in my mind. Though the physical location of each of these memories is lost, my paintings ground the memory and remind me of a moment that I might otherwise lose. As more experiences accumulate, it becomes increasingly difficult to mentally separate them. My work seeks to anchor these new moments by giving them an abstract location as a substitute for the one I missed.

Alex Mihaila , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts