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Photo Description: Limitations are what kept me from thinking, or wanting more than just living within the norm. Instead of staying away from the line people had drawn for me, I live around it to challenge them in the hopes that one day I will be able to overcome it. I am not able to express my motives in my academics so therefore I used art as an escape for me to expose the life I was brought up with and my struggle against it. I want my viewers to understand and influence me through what they see in my art, as opposed to judging me in the decisions I make and the way I present myself. I incorporate this concept in my art by employing minimalism to reveal the simplicity of what I stand for and what drives me to achieve my goals. One area where I feel that I am constantly challenged is in my wellness. I was not brought up in Canada therefore I use medicines that are made back from my hometown--Hong Kong. These pills not only look different but are packaged in a way that many would associate with illegal drugs. They are in baggies with labels in Chinese which, to most people, seem very foreign. While I know that I get glares from others when I publicly take them I cannot bring myself to change just to be invisible. The pills depicted here in a very large scale are out of context. Looking at these will make the audience view them as aesthetically beautiful objects as oppose to questionable products. They are my way of making people fit into my world.

Eugenia Wong , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts