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City with No Children

City with No Children
Photo Description: This series explores suburbia, and whether we are happy with it's presence or not. In the past, I never thought it would be somewhere I would live, considering I was born in an urban environment. I considered my parents experiences within moving and suburbs. For my mum, it was her entire childhood; for my dad, he moved around continously in different areas. The perspective I had changed after living in a suburb. I felt isolated and helpless at times but it also helped me appreciate why I liked urban neighbourhoods. Also, the natural vs. manufactured places were brought to light for me, and I deepened my connection with wild places, feeling more at peace when the isolation had a heart. The titles are based on Arcade Fire songs (from their "Suburbs" album) that I automatically paired with each image. I have continued this series by pairing them with scans of old family photos of their suburban childhoods to be made into a booklet after editing.

Sienna Csunyoscka , 16 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts