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Without Sunshine

Without Sunshine
Photo Description: For this piece, I chose to focus on the theme of the inaccurate representation of women in history as well as the glamorization of the domestic household. I feel as though the true nature of family is often overlooked, as many photographs express an unrealistic view of what family should look like and be. In my work I focused on the family dynamic of the early 1960s household, when family was portrayed in social and cultural representations as “pristine and picturesque”. In this piece I played with these societal views using an engaging and dramatic allegory. In family portraiture, the family is often depicted in a shallow or superficial way, not accurately displaying its true nature. Fact is, most families fight, most have secrets, and most have issues of some degree. I see no reason to hide these facts by creating an unrealistic picture-perfect façade. The specific “family secret” I chose to share in this piece was that of domestic abuse - an issue that unfortunately plagues many households in America. The exhibition of this interfamilial conflict alters the atmosphere of the photo entirely. It exposes the true nature of the family, and offers the viewer a glimpse into one of the unfortunate realities of day-to-day life. In the photograph, I made the father figure the victim of the assault, with the women serving as the abusers. This is in direct contrast to the typical abuse structure and makes for an engaging social discussion that questions why certain genders are associated with specific roles in relation to abuse.

Aden Solway , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts