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Painted Fears: Caitlin

Painted Fears: Caitlin
Photo Description: Throughout my life I have had many fears. Some were completely irrational like vampires, demons and zombies while others were rational like death, disease and decay. I felt as though that these fears were getting in the way of my life as I began to stop doing things which I had previously loved to do. I realized that I had to overcome these fears using what most artists do best; art. Initially I had just done drawing but I felt that something was missing. The drawings felt two dimensional; flat, not completely manifesting the true terror that my fears evoked. I then began to draw them on living models. By drawing them on people, I began to give them life. They were kinetic and alive, living embodiments of my true fears.

Aden Solway , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts