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Unknown - 2

Unknown - 2
Photo Description: The Unknown (Unpredictable Future) series is about our future and how we, as humans, try to look past the present to seek security in the time to come. We desperately want to know that everything will be alright and that we will be happy with our choices and their outcomes. This aspect of life is vividly apparent to me now as I prepare to embark on my Post Secondary future. As a graduating student, I have to decide what field I would want to be a part of, which programs would best for that field, where I would like to live, what life style said field could provideā€¦ all the while trying to keep my grades up, push my art and try to earn money to pay for my post-secondary education. It is a big jump for my peers and me as it is our first step of entering adulthood. The photographs themselves represent the present, in which we try to do our best to pursue our dreams and achieve our goals. The burns, rips, and scratches are our attempt of looking past the present to see what lies ahead. It is like unwrapping a gift or opening a package to see what is inside but instead of actually having something in there, it is just a black void of space. The void is uncertainty. There is no way of really finding out exactly what will happen so we just have to keep trying and doing the best we can in our work to ensure a better future.

Janica Olpindo , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts