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Imperfect Nails

Imperfect Nails
Photo Description:
Presented through a pin and thread medium, my art is named 'Imperfect Nails: The Thread Of Life'. The ‘nails’ reflect the imperfections of the pins used within my piece and also a metaphor to represent ‘nails’ which are stereotypical association with females and beauty. ‘Thread’ contradicts the old sayings of ‘the one who spins the thread of life, determines how long ones lives’ implying we should not let others control and distort our personal beliefs; we should develop our own and see beyond the ‘norms’. My piece aims to show the distortion of beauty and portrays (through an abstract feel) the common ideals of 'beauty'. The piece is a metaphor, reflecting how beauty is presented to us through mediums such as the 'new' media (through modern technologies). Images shown to us distort our understanding of 'beauty' as Photoshop is increasingly being used in all wings of media, and by many influential artists from the fashion, sports, music, art and expressive arts worlds. I chose My art is inspired by individuals around me, more explicitly my peers who continuously look for 'beauty' in themselves but, however, may not discover it due to the distorted idealisations we have. Young people, including myself, aim to look, dress and act in a certain way out of a desire to conform; out of a desire to 'fit in'. I want to express that this is impossible and out individualities should be embraced. Everyone is different and everyone is ‘beautiful'.
Nina Porter , 16 yrs
The Castle School