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The Dream Within Depression

The Dream Within Depression
Photo Description:
Everyday someone suffers from Depression and it feels like there's no way out. They think the only way is hurting your self. Pain is within the walls, trees, and in the air. You can scream a thousand times and no one will hear you. Many people like me look for help from above to show us a way out. Sometimes from above there is a sign or it rains to clean the pain away. Even when you feel alone and no one cares, there is someone watching you from a distance who does care. The ice cream is a symbol of hope and bringing you back to your childhood memories. The pink character is a symbol from a dream. The light from above is also a symbol of hope when surrounded by darkness. You wish you could find a way out to a place that makes you feel safe and happy. Your looking for a place you dream of.
Della N , 18 yrs
AB Miller High School