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Childhood's Shadow

Photo Description:
A young boy grew up with darkness inside of him and he soon decided to be friends. This confused the Darkness since his job was to corrupt the boy, but he learned how much the boy has grown only to discover that the boy welcomed him for friendship and happiness.The boy learned to accept his dark past and decided to move forward in his life. That is why the boy decided to be friends with the hatred and sadness inside him that he calls Darkness. I used water colors and collages from certain magazines only to bring an emphasis to child-like nature such as toys and dolls for children. The dark monster called Darkness was made to represent the sadness and hatred the child had and was given a smokey, shadow-like texture in order to claim that he is the boy's shadow. The boy was placed in order to represent the innocence of a child, especially since the teddy bear was used as a symbol of love and care. The boy gives the teddy bear in order to point out the acceptance the boy had in his past, even if it was a monstrous time for the child, he still manage to accept what has happen and move forward in his life. The back ground was meant to have a swirl in order to represent time, this is why there are toys surrounding the characters in order to represent the past.
Ezra V , 17 yrs
AB Miller High School