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Self Portrait of the Soul

Self Portrait of the Soul
Photo Description: The idea for my project was based around the idea of self portraits, however as supposed to looking at the exterior portrait I wanted to look at the interior. One of my main inspirations for this was Francesca Woodman who photographed herself often in mysterious victorian gothic surroundings and clothing, blurring out the face and other parts of the body through the use of a long shutter speed to create the illusion she was fading away from reality. This idea of blurred face became a central technique in my work I photographed willing participants with blurred out faces creating the idea of unknown identities as once we take away the face we often don’t always know the person inside as well as we think we do. Another artist that Inspired me is Jasper Johns, the idea of collaging is rather fascinating and unique. Creating images out of newspaper articles to create the idea of untold stories beneath the surface, finally my last inspiration is sally mann’s use of photography to tell a story and convey emotion. I spliced all the inspirations from each artist’s ideas together to make final piece. I collaged a photo of myself made of images of my colleagues with blurred faces. This was to signify how our lives are made up of the people we encounter everyday. However the blurred faces show we don’t really fully know the people we meet and with time they become seemingly insignificant to us. I decided to have a blank expression on my face to allow people to project their own feelings on to the piece and leave room for them to interpret it. Finally I set the photo at a bus stop to signify the journey through life and each place is just a stop off in the bigger picture.

Shoala Ilyas-Jarrett , 18 yrs

Dwight School London