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Into The City - 2

Into The City - 2
Photo Description: Since I was born, I have lived, and spent all of my time, in the outer suburbs. I loved the atmosphere as a kid, though as I grew older and had the chance to experience the city more often, I realized how much I despised where I lived. The suburbs had everything I did not want: lack of community, barely-accessible transit, and nothing within walking distance. Finally in grade 9, I was accepted into a high school within the city. That is where my life began to majorly change. The photos in this series are snapshots from some of the moments I have had while journeying throughout the city. I have made these pictures into postcards that I am sending around to random addresses within my city. I want these photos to be something people can look at and feel as though they want to have their own moments in the city as well. This then creates more of a ‘community’ with the series.

Antoni James , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts