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Connection I

Connection I
Photo Description: I am worried about human connection. The air that I breathe in is the same air that the next person beside me is breathing and millions of people are breathing in the same air particles. As you begin to try to understand that we all share and live off the same particles, it becomes clear that in some way we all are connected to each other, and we do not even notice that we share this with every person ever alive. Furthermore by the sharing of the air particles we are connected to every living thing on the planet. I am afraid that slowly we will forget the importance of human interaction and our connection to nature. In our society we value individuality and competition. Especially as humans, we need each other to survive and yet we are living in a world were there isn't a balance. My photography project is about people who are looking for that connection with others and nature.

Alondra Ruiz-Hernandez , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts