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Unknowingly Lost

Unknowingly Lost
Photo Description: 2 feet by 1 foot (each piece 5.5 inches by 7 inches) Materials: grout and concrete I have created pillows out of grout and concrete from molds as an evaluation of my heritage and relate to my mother and events in her childhood. At the age of 9, my mother was forced to leave and move away from her family and home in Iran. At this time Iran had become dangerous as there was no religious freedom. For these reasons my grandparents thought it would be best for my mother to attend a boarding school abroad. When talking to my mother she explained that the hardest part of it all was abandoning the sense of comfort that was so unknowingly present in her life. This piece relates to fear of the unknown which is very relevant and significant to myself as of now. These pillows were made to represent memories and the sense of unwillingly giving up comfort. This piece represents a lot of my feelings towards growth as a person which is essentially what motivated most of my thoughts whilst making this piece. This piece reflects both who I am today and what has made me that person.

Flora Aldridge  , 16 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts