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Misty Mountain Range

Misty Mountain Range
Photo Description: I chose this piece because I am very inspired by landscapes and I feel I can express my creativity by adapting what I see. This landscape was particularly inspiring to me as the mountains in the maountain range have different heights and the there are many different textures in the picture. I also felt the image was captivating and mysterious and I wanted to create that atmosphere on a canvas. I used acrylic paint on a canvas because it is very good to use when replicating an image which therefore making it look more realistic and consequently in proportion. Techniques I used include; sectioning up the pencil drawing to make it easier to paint, doing the simple techniques like horizon line first and outline before detail, 3d effects especially on the mountains, creating shade to replicate where the sun was etc... But I also used some more technical techniques like using a toothbrush to churn up the paint for the fog to make it look wispy. How I did this was I scrubbed the paint mixture lightly in a circular motion once the paint was applied. Then I let it partially dry and added streaks of the same paint over the top to make it look better and hopefully look more accurate to the real fog/mist. This took me about 4-5 hours. After, I let it dry and then I was done.

Sam Coles , 13 yrs

The Forest School