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Pirate Apocalypse 2

Pirate Apocalypse 2
Photo Description: Part of my PirateApocalypse Series, this piece takes place in the not too distant future where survivors of the global floods must venture out in the new brutal world where civilization seems to be gone, cities are submerged, mercy does not exist and is a time where no matter where these survivors move to, it is difficult to call any place home. This image in particular is portraying one of the other main characters, Tyler, once a close friend to Julius who has not really changed since they were kids due to their "quarreled disagreement" as 13 year old children. Ever since, revenge has been bouncing back and forth between the two characters until the New World came to be, and when the characters will finally end their last and final battle to achieve total vengeance over the other. This final battle would have taken place in New York, a once historically vibrant and active place to be, but now a destroyed piece of land where skyscrapers become one with nature and where all that the land was, is now gone.

Julius Pagowski , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts