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Plastic (Dyptich)

Plastic (Dyptich)
Photo Description: A lot of the images I worked with during this project were of family photos. They were all very well groomed, and obviously wearing their best cloths for the occasion. I interpreted it as a very fake and orchestrated moment in this family's life, and I wanted to convey that through the gold leaf that I covered their faces with. The gold leaf represents a layer of fabricated wealth and perfection, when underneath they were probably just a normal family. That really was just my initial thought, but I think that it quickly grew into something else, and I'm currently working on some more (like the one to the right) that doesn't involve people. I think that paired with the ones that do feature people makes it quite powerful as a whole, especially aesthetically.

Lucas Gabellini-Fava , 16 yrs

Dwight School London