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Tangle of thorns

Tangle of thorns
Photo Description:
The painting shows the confinement experienced by the subject, as a result of conforming to conventional standards of perfection. The subject has no apparent physical flaws or blemishes, and aligns with what society normally perceives to be feminine. She is positioned in a stereotypical flattering profile whilst displaying a blank but almost forlorn expression, making her akin to a damsel in distress. This is why there is a lack of connection present between the subject and anything realistic or tangible. She fits the criteria of femininity as declared by patriarchal norms ; But it is done at the cost of confinement, lack of fulfillment and basically the subject being trapped in her own personal tangle of thorns. The medium of the painting is watercolor and ink on paper.
Faqeha Bhatti , 17 yrs
Roots School System Dha 1