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Photo Description:
PILLOW: Pillow sculpted and cast resin: 60cm wide. 40cm deep. Head: Cast ice: 25cm wide. 25cm deep. 45cm high Plinth (Pillow goes on) wood: 60cm wide. 42cm deep. 93cm high With ‘Pillow’ I was inspired by the ghostly beauty of Giovanni Strazza’s veiled woman. Using marble powder and resin for the pillow enabled the piece to perfectly balance the fleeting events of one extraordinary day with life’s natural pattern. The strength and longevity of the stone captures the melting minerals and frees them to start another circle of life. This is a piece of art that communicates and celebrates the eternal stillness, splendour, awe and continuity of life. (I have made a new plinth with a hidden drain to display this piece in settings outside the church)
Blythe Plenderleith , 17 Years yrs
Frome College