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Photo Description:
For convenience and security, people are increasingly reliant on vitamins and “superfoods” to keep them feeling nourished. Staple foods like milk and cereals are often fortified with additional nutrients. People do not recognize that consuming an excess of vitamins and minerals does not increase the benefits, and can even cause complications. Taking a surplus of vitamin C can cause nausea and diarrhea. While overusing vitamins do not cause life-threatening side effects, they reflect the growing prescription culture in America. Health issues are often treated using a cocktail of various vitamins and pills, which may treat the initial diagnosis but can cause its own problems. My piece illustrates this phenomenon using the juxtaposition of natural lemons and wood with hard, colorful vitamins and pills. Mixed Media- soft pastel on Bristol paper, vitamins, pills 36 x 48"
Janey Lee , 17 yrs
Oogie Art