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Mercy Killing

Mercy Killing
Photo Description: This one was about sex and isolation. I have a complex relationship with my sexuality – although I have found that I have overcome my initial confusion and fear towards what gender had to do with sexuality I have no realized that there’s so much more to it. So many things that are frowned upon, seen as strange and abnormal. That society reacts to sexuality in a way that is complex – that there is a cookie cutter image of sex and it will remain that way. As a queer transgender individual, it’s become apparent that there is more to sexuality than that. As a hormonal teenager, it’s become apparent there is A LOT more to sexuality than I am really prepared to admit. That there’s a lot of things that make me dirty. I guess I just want to be clean. This series was intended to be a bit of an internal self-portrait. My anxieties make up a lot of my thoughts because of my anxiety disorder and it reflects a lot on how I look at things and how they remain in my mind. This of course applies to the complete pool of information in my brain which can muddle and miscommunicate certain feelings and emotions.

Tyler Anderson , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts