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Burying My Friends

Burying My Friends
Photo Description: A photography series using three of my close friends who identify as transgender individuals. This series was a way of looking at the horrifying amount of violence against transgender individuals and how these hate crimes often take the form of murder especially those who present themselves in what is typically taken for as "feminine". I sat down and worked with my three friends asking them three questions: 1. what would you want to be buried in? what would represent your life best? 2. what is your safe place? where do you feel most comfortable and most at home? 3. where do you fear you are most likely to be murdered for being trans? The series brought up an interesting documentation of the lives and personal expression of transgender youth today and shows the awareness and overall fear of the unfortunate state of protection for trans people today.

Tyler Anderson , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts