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Playboy Bunny

Playboy Bunny
Photo Description: This image was inspired a lot by the look-and-find genre of book I used to read and play with a lot as a kid. Rabbits are reoccurring imagery in my art as I am personally fascinated by their implication in western society to both innocence and child-like adoration (and chocolate!) and as a sex symbol (playboy bunnies) The rabbits have been left specifically white to play on the concept of purity and how white rabbits are often related to this - even if playboy bunnies can also be white! Within in this image five pairs of rabbits are partaking in sexual activity in human-like positions hidden within the mass of other rabbits. The original innocence of the piece is shattered when one finds a pair and when they look for others they'll be surprised to find more and more. To find the pairs of rabbits look at the center of the image and then near each corner of the page. Some of the actions may almost look innocent while others are pretty clear on the intention behind it

Tyler Anderson , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts