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Photo Description: 4ft by 3ft. This illustration was something I made over the summer in anticipation of a possible meltdown in the relationship I was in. The feeling of deeply connecting with someone in both a mental, emotional and physical way is something that those of romantically inclined orientations often strive for and in my current situation I was realizing the inevitable down fall because we had grown out of sync. The bodies merge together and are connected but there is a sense of being trapped, swaddled around the hips and tangled together - their expressions show discomfort but it feels easier to remain instead of struggle away in fear of losing yourself or not being able to let go of someone else. The halos above their head represented their minds also being connected, and fear of cutting each other off that the circles would be incomplete. In the end we broke up and we were better off for it - I think I knew these two would have to break apart sometime in the end.

Tyler Anderson , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts