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Photo Description: Four 1.5ft panels - a series documenting how suicidal intent and idealization can isolate a person even more. I've attempted suicide twice - now being able to look at it objectively it is clear to see the build up happening. A sense of feeling overwhelmed and over stimulated by the world can cause many to withdraw unfortunately distancing themselves further from possible help. The four panels work to create almost a window frame, looking into the damage that can be done by this idealization while still leaving a barrier. The figure stands alone in each image in silent contemplation, the first two in areas where one might be found alone and where it is easy to feel alone, to more populated areas strangely left blank. The four places depicted are a bedroom, a washroom, a school hall and a subway station. They remain black and white, generally showing how shades of grey don't seem possible when you dig yourself into this whole and colour is an unthinkable possibility.

Tyler Anderson , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts