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DAMAR KURUNG (The Lampions Artwork)

DAMAR KURUNG (The Lampions Artwork)
Photo Description:
The artwork installation by DAUN Children Art School (DAUN Sanggar lukis anak), in the form 30x30cm pictorial paper lanterns with wooden frames. Pictures on the lanterns are drawn manually with drawing pens, watercolor, acrylic paint and crayons. There are 9 pcs of lanterns, with 4 panels of images on each one, and each lantern has a unique theme. When a lantern is spinned clockwise it shows a series of story like a glowing comic book. The number of lanterns, 9 pieces symbolizes the ‘Walisongo’, the 9 people who first created pictorial lanterns in Indonesia, precisely in the North coast of Java in the 14th century AD. These traditional lanterns were called ‘DAMAR KURUNG’. The tradition extinc when the last DAMAR KURUNG painter, an 80-year-old woman died in Gresik, East Java. Through a research that went over 20 years before and after it was declared extinct, DAUN Children Art School is now exhibiting pictorial lantern installation in the form of contemporary art. The total number of lantern paintings are 36 panels (9 lanterns x 4 paintings), all created by students of DAUN Children Art School aged 5 to 16. One lantern was either painted by one person, or by a group of two to four children. The 9 themes on the 9 lanterns are: 1. Public Transportation 2. Traffic 3. Traditional Games 4. Children Playing 5. Beach 6. Market 7. Ramadhan 8. Journey 9. Palm Trees If all these lanterns are strung together into a story, they tell the story, carrying a message about the importance of efforts to save the forest in Indonesia as the lungs of the world, which today has largely been turned into palm plantations for palm oil industry. Each painting on the lanterns actually has hidden symbols, such as: - The arrow is the symbol of a moving object (moving) and the direction of the wind - 3-point inverted pyramid is a symbol of silence, calm or object that does not move much - Every human figure face was left without color so it glows, to symbolize that every person is esentially good - Each living thing drawn in a sideways position is a symbol that we are all interconnected and properly caring for each other - There are also other symbols that might be too much to be written here.
DAUN Children Art School Artwork Installation , 5 - 16 yrs
Daun Children Art School