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The Fantasia of Reflection

The Fantasia of Reflection
Photo Description:
Just look up. Put down your phone, tablet, or gaming device. Take a second to notice the world around you, and bask in its beauty. This painting brilliantly describes the modern era of technology that so many of us are blinded by, and what we are all missing out on. We see what we want to see. With all the noise and distractions in today’s society, people need to learn to just look up. Look up and smell the roses, see the wonders, listen to nature, and taste your way through the world. Look up and see what man has done, what earth has created, and what beauty lies just under your nose. Through the eyes of the beholder, earth can be such a stunning place, if you only learn to just look up.
Ni-Chien,Chiang , 12 yrs
Kang Chaio Bilingual School