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Photo Description:
This project was originally under the title “Self”, but this study led me to explore the sins I have committed and how my previous sins define me. I then began to look at teenagers as a whole and how they are affected by their own sins. My aim was to collectivise sins and apply them to teenagers as a whole, so I was drawn towards the religious concept of the Seven Deadly Sins. My final piece consists of a wooden cube with one of the seven deadly sins on each of the six sides (lust, gluttony, envy, wrath, sloth and greed). The one “missing” sin is pride, which is only visible when you look into the mirror behind the piece. This mirror also reminds us that each of the seven deadly sins are also applicable to the viewer of the piece. Graphic pencil, fine line pen, 44 x 44 cm
Ben Joscelyne , Age 17 yrs
The Harrodian School