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Photo Description: A self-portrait with objects that could symbolize what War meant to an individual, in this case the pupil. Same as Peace, War is an illusion to her. They are simply ideas that cannot live without one or another. Give an example of love and hate. How do we know what is love if we do not know what hate is? We cannot. Or an easier one; how do we know what does white look like when we do not know what black is? Even though War and Peace are contradicting ideas, they are dependent on each other. "She" is no soldier, neither a politician nor a commander. "She" is nothing but a citizen that lives in non-democratic society. "She" is also an artist, a thinker and a history student. "She" will not say "She" understand the pain of being at war, or the guilt of losing men in a battle. As a human being "She" can only represent "herself" in the understanding of war.

Jessie Gao , 17 yrs

Harrow International school Beijng