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31 Thoughts Inside A Box

31 Thoughts Inside A Box
Photo Description:
Trefoil Montessori Farm School presents a multifaceted arts project, engaging pupil at the age of 5–12 with model making and acting. Individually created pieces of miniature scenery are turned into back drops (becoming a set design) to explore small narratives. The project started with an empty shoe box, for everyone to fill with an imagined or real room/place/space/scene. Fueled by the young designers imagination the project quickly grew out of proportion and became a vehicle for creative expression, in which children present themselves, their alter-egos or entirely fictitious characters. The movie provides the viewer with a brief insight into the little worlds (about 1 min for each design, idea or performance) and documents the project itself. All work described by the children in detail, has been captured in audio and video, and the resulting stories are narrated by the children. Password protected video at URL: password: trefoil or download at: (will expire January 2016)
Trefoil Montessori Farm School , 5-12 yrs
Trefoil Montessori Farm School