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Gender Submission

Gender Submission
Photo Description:
Summary: 3D installation sculpture based on my recent exploration of the transgender community within shibari culture. The Vitruvian man inspires the oval concept; the inner circle being able to turn within the outer displaying an abstracted figure in the center being both male and female. Inside the sculpture is magnetic sheeting that holds “fridge magnet” words as well as magnets I have created myself. I arranged these words into a set of 6 poems reflecting my response to the people I had been researching. The black body parts painted with liquid latex bring in contrast, highlighting the difference between male and female, but also as a nod to SM culture and the darkness related to this practice. There are a few coloured magnets attached that bring a playful element combined with the wit I included within the poetry. Overall I am portraying a personal response towards transgenderism as well as the tension involved in the gender roles proposed by it. Mediums: Installation Sculpture Liquid latex, plaster, magnets, magnetic sheeting, embossed wallpaper, rope, aluminium wire, thread, pvc tubing, wood, steel hooks.
Georgie Butz , 17 yrs
International School of Creative Arts