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Photo Description:
This piece is taken from a project in which I explore dreams as both the subject of, and inspiration for, art. In dreams, a rose can symbolise both love and death, the two greatest stimulants for creativity throughout history, and my inspiration for this piece. It’s a passionate and primal image, with each petal rising from a deep black, through maroons, to a vibrant blood red. I chose to use paints for this work as they provide me with a physical connection to the piece, allowing me complete control over every detail, and ultimately its emotional impact. In fact, the rose itself is sprawling, spiralling out of control further than any natural flower, contributing to the surreal and dream-like nature of the piece. The decision to use an ordinary coffee table as my ‘canvas’ was drawn from the notion of everyday objects in dreams often acquiring a more profound significance. Furthermore, even distorted or unnatural objects can go completely unnoticed in the dream world, with the dreamer ignorant to any perversion of reality. What’s more, I was intrigued by the presence of drawers within the artwork. So unassuming and mundane, but for me they represented the intangible, unattainable unknown. This also played into the symbolism of the rose, with the potentially sinister nature of the table’s underbelly corresponding to the rose’s unseen thorns. The contents of these drawers is left as a mystery to the observer, with,for me, the fear of the unknown being far more potent than any fathomable pain. (Medium: Acrylic & Coffee Table)
Hal Darling , 17 yrs
Our Lady of Sion School