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Cities of The Future

Cities of The Future
Photo Description: This is my GCSE piece called "Cities of the Future" which I created using 100% of my own photography of buildings in London. I was inspired to create this from Paul Citroen's work entitled "Metropolis". I firstly started making this style of work by creating photomontage by hand, using my printed photos. I then progressed and developed my work further using Adobe Creative Suite and scanned in my hand-made photomontage. By using digital software I could enhance the perspective of the buildings by darkening and lighting sections of the buildings to create depth. The buildings have very grey tones which resemble the dullness of highly populated cities and the lack of nature and wildlife. The meaning behind this piece is to show people what our future cities possibly could look like if population and development of cities carries on at the same rapid rate, while also hopefully being visually interesting to look at.

Ben Prior , 17 yrs

HOMEWOOD School & Sixth Form Centre