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Photo Description:
A laborer’s hand getting forced into a cotton work glove: this illustrates how the everyday lives of commoners in a capitalist society are tedious and monotonous, as the color scheme of a ball point pen is quite monotonous. However, the dramatized contrast of black and white in the background suggests great dynamics, and this, together with the accentuated wrinkles on the hand, connote weariness and laboriousness laborers would feel forcing their hands into the cotton work gloves everyday. Inspired by the East philosophy of the 'balance of yin and yang’: the black bits indicate the dark nature of us, whilst the white bits indicate the goods. Gloves are not only what covers us from cold and danger in work places, but also what covers up fingerprints in thievery. The dark aura surrounding the glove indicate the sinfulness of stealing, however the hand itself is surrounded by white. This is to suggest that people that steal are not necessarily bad people, because in the society we live in, people, especially ones that are not in the society's interest, are often forced to make a lot of their seemingly selfish or immoral choices.
Da-Eun Diane Lee , 17 yrs
North London Collegiate School Jeju