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Stage of life

Stage of life
Photo Description:
Graphite on paper There are pointing hands tightly filled up the upper part of the artwork. The boy in the center crouches in a reserved manner, drawing his own boundary around him. This is how I view the social pressure. As a Korean student in India, I had hard time adapting in foreign country as well as in Korean community in India. Thus, this artwork conveys my own view on the society and pressure. Social pressure is exerted from the people in the society and the result of such pressure is the limitation of one's action and freewill. Hands in the sky show its dominant power over people like controller of a marionette; a boy gives a sense of vulnerability; a circle around a central figure is drawn both by a boy and hands on the top, symbolically indicating that the limitation is both self-established but at the same time, it's socially influenced.
Seungyeon , 17 yrs
American International School- Chennai