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A Splash of Imagination

A Splash of Imagination
Photo Description:
I gave myself the challenge of doing my first abstract painting in one night. My painting is composed of mainly vibrant colors of pink, blue and black, I intentionally utilized the different shades of these colors forming a range of slightly opaque to very solid color schemes to achieve the variety of motion in my painting. By intuition, I knew that the blending of different shades of the same colors would give me the picture I imagined in my mind. I also added splashes of subtle orange and white to create the punch of attraction I wanted. The abstract image I initially imagined was the scenery of a boat travelling down a long river with mountains growing on both sides. However, I received many different interpretations from my own and that became my idea for describing my abstract painting. I would say my painting consists of multiple images within one united image where different viewers would have their very own unique focus point, where they could interpret meaning into.
Iris Deng , 18 yrs
St. Michaels University School